The events offered are original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, duo interpretation, thematic interpretation, expository speaking, and impromptu speaking.  There is only one open division for all events.

Individual events will have 3 preliminary rounds with elimination rounds beginning with an Octafinal round Sunday evening.  All rounds on all three days will be held at the Cal Campus.  All speeches must have been prepared during the current school year. Penalties for slight infractions of time rules are left to judges’ discretion. The California Invitational follows CHSSA guidelines for all events.


IE competitors will be allowed to double enter in other IE events, Policy Debate, and one of either LD or PF debate.  Students may not double enter in the same individual event.  IE competitors will not be allowed to double enter in Congressional Debate.   No special accommodations will be made for double entry students and rounds will not be held up to accommodate double entry.  This includes elimination rounds, so if a double entered student has overlapping elimination rounds they will have to choose one.  

Extemp Topic Areas

Here’s the list of topic areas along with clarifications on them, and a couple FAQs

Round 1: US Foreign Policy

(At least the bars for succeeding at answering these questions are pretty low.)

Round 2: Domestic Social Justice & Economics

(Put on your activist hat!)

Round 3:  Central America and East Africa

(Questions will focus on these geographic areas, no type of issue is off limits.)

Octos: Global Public Health and Environmental Scares

(Channel your inner WHO.)

Quarters: Doomsday – Can You Save the World in 7 Minutes?

(This should be fairly self-explanatory – our world is facing multiple disasters, time to come up with a plan to save them. Questions will be internationally focused.)

Semis: Blast from the Past Powertrip

(Speakers will tackle hotspot issues to decide if a former leader of a country can tackle their current crisis. Here’s an example from a similarly themed round a couple years ago. “You are Hugo Chavez; you have come back to life. Can you fix Venezuela?”)

Finals: Choose Your Own Adventure in Eastern Europe, Western Africa, or South Asia

(Some assembly required for questions.)

A couple notes:

1) We are using the NSDA’s pilot rules for internet prep. This does NOT mean that we will be tech support if you can’t connect, nor will extra time be given to anyone because of an internet connection issue. Scores will not be adjusted if someone can’t connect (especially since this is impossible to verify). You should already have substantial files going into the round, your lack of preparation is neither tab’s nor the prep  proctor’s problem.

2) There have been complaints in previous years about a relative dearth of domestic questions. Topic area selection takes into account the reality that the US is one country out of the whole wide world. Considering that, topics already give the US a disproportionate amount of attention.

3) Please don’t leave laptops or other valuables in the prep room, the proctor will not camp out in VLSB 2050 for the entire 3 days.