Lincoln Douglas will have 6 preliminary rounds, clearing to a triple octofinal round in Varsity and double ocatofinal in JV (subject to change depending on entries). 6-3-7-3-4-6-3 format with 4 minutes of preparation time per side. Debaters use the NFL’s Jan/Feb topic. The tournament does not break brackets for debaters from the same schools meeting in elimination rounds. The school’s coach must inform the tab room by the end of the round which team will advance in these instances. We will use a system of mutual preference judging for Varsity LD.  All rounds on all three days will be held at the Cal Campus.


LD competitors will be allowed to double enter in Policy debate, and Individual Events.  LD competitors will NOT be allowed to double enter in PF or Congressional Debate.  No special accommodations will be made for double entry students and rounds will not be held up to accommodate double entry.  This includes elimination rounds, so if a double entered student has overlapping elimination rounds they will have to choose one.