Public Forum debate teams will participate in 6 preliminary rounds,  clearing to a triple octofinal round in Varsity and double ocatofinal in JV (subject to change depending on entries).  Debaters will use the February NFL Public Forum topic. A team is two debaters from the same school. We will use the NFL time limits and format for the debates.  The tournament does not have any prohibitions against internet use during rounds, except for receiving outside coaching.  The tournament does not break brackets for teams from the same school meeting in elimination rounds. The school’s coach must inform the tab room by the end of the round which team will advance in these instances.  All rounds on all three days will be held at the Cal Campus.


PF competitors will be allowed to double enter in Policy debate, and Individual Events.  PF competitors will NOT be allowed to double enter in LD or Congressional Debate.  No special accommodations will be made for double entry students and rounds will not be held up to accommodate double entry.  This includes elimination rounds, so if a double entered student has overlapping elimination rounds they will have to choose one.

IN ROUND ELECTRONICS: The use of laptop computers, tablet computers, smart phones and other electronic devices able to access the internet are permitted during events. The use of computers during debates is permitted for both flowing and research purposes including retrieval of evidence stored on hard drives and accessing resources via the internet. Students should not attempt to use electronic devices to initiate or respond to contact with outside parties during a debate. The penalty for violation of this rule is loss of the debate in question and zero speaker points assigned to the offending debater. This rule recommends, but does not require, that all text messaging devices and cell phones be turned off during debates. It is meant to restrict the debaters from initiating or responding to any outside contact during a debate round. Example: A student’s cell phone ringing during a debate would not violate the rule. A student calling, emailing, chatting text messaging or responding to any contact from their coach during a debate would violate this rule.