All judges in Varsity Policy and Varsity LD will be required to post a judge philosophy at

We will be taking your judging commitments VERY SERIOUSLY and cracking down on missed ballots.  It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that their judges show up when they are supposed to.  The missed ballot fee is $75 per ballot which MUST BE PAID before students are allowed to compete in elims and before awards and ballots are distributed.  We will be tracking judging very closely and sending out notifications when ballots are missed.

Judges must be in the judges’ room 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the round and until the last ballot for that round has been distributed. Judges scheduled for availability but not called must serve as “stand-by” judges for that round.

Hired judging is available for all events.  Rounds that you are short of your judging commitment will be automatically added to your invoice on tabroom.  Once we receive payment for your judging we will take care of covering that for you, no further action is required.

If you have judges who can only come for certain days/rounds there is a way to indicate that on the tabroom website.  After you have entered the judge there will be a link for “availability.”  When you click on that link you will be able to turn off judges for particular round/days.  It’s very important that you enter that information into the website to avoid missed judging fees.

Judging Commitments:

Lincoln Douglas – Every team you enter requires 2 rounds of judging

Public Forum – Every team you enter requires 2 rounds of judging

Policy – Every team you enter requires 3 rounds of judging

Individuals Events – Every 5 entries requires 1 judge

Congressional Debate – Every 5 entries requires 1 judge

Schools must bring sufficient experienced judges to cover their entries. You may hire no more than one-half your judging commitment from the tournament. If you cannot meet these requirements, contact the tournament director

All judges are committed through the double-octafinals or one round beyond the elimination of your teams, whichever is later.

Even if your school doesn’t have any teams in elimination rounds, your judges are still committed through the double-octafinals. Elim judging commitments also apply in all divisions of an event so if you have a JV team in your Varsity judges are still committed and vice versa.

Decision times will be strictly enforced.  Policy rounds must be decided two hours after the announced start time, and LD/PF rounds must be decided fifty five minutes after the announced start time.

If your judges are judging policy, LD, or public forum do not enter them to judge more than 6 debates

All  judges must be entered online by February 7th.  Failure to enter your judges online by that time may force us to assess you the judging fee for your entire entry.   If you request a hired judge, and end up providing a judge without notifying us in advance, you do not get your money back as we have already had to hire a judge for you.

MUTUAL PREFERENCE JUDGING: In an effort to improve judge quality we will institute a system of mutual preference judging in the varsity division of policy debate and LD debate. We will only take preferences online at the entry website  One week prior to the tournament all judges must be entered online. Each school will then receive an email to the address they use to register at the online entry site with instructions for filling out the preference sheet. We will do our best to honor preference sheets for all teams that turn them in, but we do reserve the right to not honor preferences if faced with a severe judging shortfall.